Quite Francly Solera

Status:Half Gone


Tasting Notes:Violet, oak, red fruit

Grape Origin:[Eclectic Vineyard](https://www.eclecticvineyards.com)

Varietal: Cabernet Franc

Production:60 bottles

After the success of our 2018 solera we decided to go bigger and turn our full production into a solera. We picked mid october and fermented mostly whole cluster using comercial red wine yeast. Fermentation blew threw and we pressed on thankgsiving day 2019. I though people would want to press with me but it was cold and rainy so I pressed alone.

From there wine went into barrel on Dec 1st where we blended our new wine with 30% of the 2018 solera. This wine is much lighter than previous years as the grapes came in at lower Brix than before but produces an incredibly refined palate which will keep you wanting to drink more.