All My Eggs 2017


Year: 2017

Tasting Notes:Honey, Elderberry, Melon, Glory.

Grape Origin:

Varietal: Cabernet Franc

Production:1 Bottle

Zoe and I love sparking wine. We had a bottle of Perrier Jouet 2004 on our first data and I firmly believe without it I wouldnt have gotten that second date.

2017 was our first harvest and we had recently discovered Pet Nats so I badly wanted to try to make one.

When we started making our red, we had a little bit of grapes that didn't fit in our fermenters so armed with some growlers I set off to make a pet nat.

Following Astro Bunny's posts I tried to recreate best I could. I did some experiments that failed(RIP Kombucha Wine Hybrid) and ended up with one bottle. Unsure of what it would taste like we laid it down outside(I wanted some additional drama ok) and hopped for the best.

Afraid of how it turned out, one great may day Zoe and I opened the bottle and were shocked. I can confidently say it was top 5 wines I have ever had. Despite our best efforts the wine was fruity, salty, and beautiful