Goals 2023

02 Jan 2023

2023 Goal/Plans

Going into a new year I am continuing to be basic by setting some goals/milestones along the way. This year I am building structure and focus around Fs:Fitness, Family, Future, Friends, Fun, and Misc. Damn you miscellaneous why dont you have an F?

Unlike previous years I am going to track my progress here as the year progresses and I reach or miss goals.

Last Edited: 01/02/2024

Fitness 1/4

  1. Do push ups at least 200 days (60/200) (Miss)
  2. Do Sauna/Cold Water Therapy at least 100 day (>100/100) (Hit! It felt great doing this. Hot and cold therapy really helped me stay centered and became my me time)
  3. Do 10 pull ups in a row (7/10) (Maxed out at 7 but my practice fell off a cliff second half of the year)
  4. Dry January, Feb, Sep, Oct (2/4) (see above)

Family 0/4

  1. Have a big family thankgiving or Christmass (Complete Miss)
  2. Switch the standard of giving gifts to Theo/Oliver to a sharing of experiences and emotions. (Complete Miss)

Future 0/2

  1. Metaphorical ground break adams street (Miss, did some early work but not much real work)
  2. Write 10 Long form technical blogs (0/10)

Fun 2/3

  1. Get Air While Snow kiting (Hit)
  2. Properly Surf Some Waves (Miss)
  3. Organize a friends hunting trip (Hit with a late year pheasant hunting day trip. Not what I meant when I set my goals but I will take it)

Misc (5/5)

  1. New house (Hit)
  2. Sell existing house (Hit)
  3. Finish Thesis (Hit)
  4. Finish PhD (Hit)
  5. First author papers (Hit)

Overall (8/18)