26 Feb 2021

Looking Back to Look Forward

I know Im late to the boat but this has been a draft I never quite finished. Here goes nothing. In 2019 I set goals for 2020 some of them being specific and achievable others being a little more fungibgle. For things that don’t have direct metrics I’ll estimate progress.

Looking Back(2020 Goals)

  1. Date Zoe(aka improve quality time with my wife): 6/10. While in absolute contexts we did not go out on many actual dates(#corona)
  2. Write a Thesis: 10/10 Nailed it! It was close but I finished my Masters thesis right before the end of Decemeber and got my Masters! Next step is to turn it into a conference paper.
  3. Help Theo to walk: 10/10 Nailed it. Admitedly this was a given but the sentiment was more focused on being there and present for him in this journey. I didn’t expect to be able to be home as much I was in 2020 but a lock in will do that.
  4. Get a Tattoo: 0/10 Complete failure. Maybe 2021 is the year I stop chickening out.
  5. Sell Seattle House: 10/10 Success! Sold our house in August to a great couple who seems to continue our energy
  6. Move Somewhere New: 10/10 Done! As of Oct 8th our family became full time residents in Urbana Illinois!
  7. Start a Dinner Club: 3/10. Had a good friend group dinner going before covid with interesting meals and coversations but regularity died shortly into covid.
  8. Hunt an animal: 6/10. Fishing trip in La Ventana brought in a haul that fed everyone for a week but still isnt fully hunting.
  9. Surf a Wave: 3/10. Got kinda close surfing the incoming swell during my la ventana down winder but not a true wave nor a surf board.
  10. Meditate: 2/10. I got into a flow of waking up and thinking about my day but need to work on turing this into more structurted mediation.
  11. Write More: 3/10. Wrote papers and stuff for work but could definatley do more and share earlier.
  12. More Push Ups: 1/10. Missed the boat.
  13. Read More: 8/10. I read so much for my thesis and for investment work in 2020. Points off because of diversity of reading

If we add up my scores I achieved 62/130 aka 47%. Not too shabby but big room to improve. Using my 2020 goals I have rolled over a few into 2021. Main focus is on improving my process to work on anxeity, community, and physical activity.

Looking Forward(2021 Goals)

  1. Date Zoe: Building on last years goal the focus is to have focused Zoe and Daniel time.
  2. Read More about areas I dont know: As part of my PhD life I became obsessed about learning about CS, NLP and AI topics. This years I will read more and learn more about areas outside of my core. Focus this year is childhood development.
  3. Write and Post More: I need to write and share more. What better way than this blog and various social chanllanges.
  4. Wake up early: I am generally much more productive and happy when I wake up before 5 and get some good time in to work before my family wakes up. Goal is to have 4 days a week like this.
  5. Be a more present Dad: Theo is growing and learning like crazy. I want to listen to him more and support him fully.
  6. Make a PhD Friend: Covid had made PhD networking hard all I want is to make 1 homie.
  7. Go on a trip with my brother and his wife.
  8. Run from Home to Homer Lake(14 miles ish). When done have the only beer for the year will be consumed. Target June or July!
  9. Drink no beer: Beer had become an easy vice that I want to step away from. Move consumption over to hoppy kombucha instead. Only beer of the year will be after homer lake run.
  10. Get a tattoo: I have my ideas and been talking about it for years. Just need to pull the trigger.
  11. Get a first author paper published at a conference.
  12. Move into our new house.
  13. Surf a wave.
  14. Do one more pushup a day: This is my way to get back to doing hundreds of push ups a day. Starting at 20 I add a pushup every day. Goal is 385 by new years eve.
  15. Deliver 2020 Wine Vintage: Made a huge amount of wine in 2020 which needs to be landed into bottle!
  16. Dinner/Poker/Wine Club.
  17. Medidate + Breathing work.